Please Watch
Your Tone

Please Watch Your Tone is a design-led research project that questions the role of visual communicators in perpetuating unethical design. It offers an alternative narrative to past and present representations of Chinese language and culture.

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Please Watch Your Tone is a project that questions the misrepresentation of Chinese identities in the media of Western societies. Particularly it questions the ethicality of Asian mimicry typefaces. They exist to imitate the aesthetic qualities of East Asian script without any nuance of language or culture. To critique this aspect of the design world, the project presents an alternative typeface, Jyut Sans, which graphically communicates Cantonese tonal complexities. Please Watch Your Tone also incorporates other communication pieces which showcase its application.
November 2018
This project was a design-led research project completed at UTS, as part of the Visual Communication (Honours) course.